Sustainability according to Einstok

Society is facing a number of challenges and Einstok wants to be part of the solution. We would like to assist companies with identifying sustainable business models that generate profit. We are entirely convinced that sustainable business models will provide the competitive edge you need in the future. Sustainable products and services are in higher demand today than ever before. They are better for the company, planet, consumer and, last but not least, profitability.


We began our journey towards promoting climate smart investment opportunities from a modest starting point. A common objective was formed from our vast experience in the fields of Marketing and IT-development for start-up companies. The Marketing Professional is skilled in analysing target groups and identifying their actual needs and demands. Knowledge of how to collect large amounts of data and present them in a user friendly manner is commonplace within the IT-industry. These disciplines have been combined to launch Greenprofit.

Greenprofit is a business network in Northern Sweden (Norrbotten) that champions the advantages of investing in environmentally friendly (“climate smart”) projects that supports the movement towards a fossil free Sweden in 2050. This site is an initiative from Einstok as part of our internal work with Sustainability projects.